In Association with Blue Horizon Medical

If you have staff returning to work from lockdown you may consider private or corporate private screening for staff. It is a fact that many people can carry the virus yet show no obvious symptoms. Unfortunately they can also unwittingly spread the virus. Although the government are happy to provide a free test to those with symptoms there are as yet no provisions for everyone to be tested.

Schools in particular are very vulnerable as constant interaction with children who may carry the virus  can easily be spread.
We have negotiated exclusive corporate rates for businesses and schools in conjunction with Harley Street Health Checks UK Ltd Trading as Blue Horizon Medical . This company is not new to the market place having been a market leader in the medical testing field for the last 10 years. 

The tests for the virus or PCR tests (Polymerase Chain Reaction) are not all the same.This test offered has a higher specificity than most. The test is a new generation test a multiplex real time reverse transcription qualitative chain reaction. This utilises  a technique that targets two testing capabilities thus substantially reducing the risk of a false positive result.

There is also an internal human control marker that ensures a sufficient quantity of human genetic material has been collected in the sampling process. This reduces the risks of false negatives from poorly sampled or unused swabs. The test  has been extensively validated for the detection of Covid -19 from the US centre for disease control and the World Health Organisation.

 The PCR test.

Self Testing  is really straightforward with an extremely low sample failure rate. A full set of instructions are included in the kit.

The standard price is £139 each + Vat for an express all inclusive 24 hour service with next day delivery of samples to the laboratory. However a quantity discount may apply to a batch of self testing to be carried out at the same one location.Testing kits would be sent to one address with next day courier delivery to the laboratory included in the price. Test results are immediately emailed to your nominated address.

If preferred the collection of samples by a trained Health Care Professional can be arranged (depending to an extent on your location). Again quantity discounts may apply.

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